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Bryana's Hot Red Pepper Jelly
Bryanas Hot Red is Red Hot. This pepper jelly was selected as the #1 Pepper Jelly in the 1996 Fiery Foods Challenge in Albuquerque NM.
$ 5.99 8 oz.

Dorothy's Apple Cranberry Conserve- Holiday
Only available during the holiday season and just right for an amazing compliment to your turkey.
$ 4.69 5.5 oz.

$50.65 5.5 oz. - Case of 12
You Save $ 5.63

$ 6.99 10 oz.

$75.49 10 oz. - Case of 12
You Save $ 8.39

Dorothy's Buttermilk English Scone Mix
This 16 oz. package of buttermilk scone mix makes light and delicious 12-16 scones. You can choose to add dried fruit or nuts or serve them with jam or lemon curd.
$ 6.99 16 oz.

$75.49 16 oz. - Case of 12
You Save $ 8.39

Dorothy's Huckleberry Tea
They start whole Black Tea leaves in a cloth tea bag, then they add an all natural huckleberry oil directly to the cloth bag, not to the tea leaves. This is done so as to not damage the tea leaves, this method of flavoring the tea results in smooth flavorful cup of tea. You will taste the difference!
$ 2.75 5 bags

$ 5.75 12 bags

Dorothy's Idaho Potato Quick Bread Mix
This IdahoŽ Potato Bread mix is made with Real IdahoŽ Hash-Brown Potatoes, and Idaho wheat flour, quick and easy to make. Packaged in our custom printed cloth bag it is perfect for giving as a gift from IDAHO.
$ 6.99 20 oz.

$75.49 20 oz. - Case of 12
You Save $ 8.39

Dorothy's Wild Huckleberry BBQ Sauce & Marinade
Wild huckleberries in a bar-b-que sauce and marinade. No Corn Syrup in this bottle! Sweetend by the huckleberries and just the right amount of brown sugar. Great on pork, chicken and beef!
$ 6.25 14 oz.

Idaho Potato Pancake Mix
Packaged in a printed bag, and topped with an Idaho Potato Pin, is 10 ounces of our unique sourdough pancake mix combined with genuine IDAHO potato flakes. The result is a hearty flavorful pancake that is uniquely IDAHO. (makes 20-25 pancakes)
$ 6.99 10 oz.

$75.49 10 oz. - Case of 12
You Save $ 8.39

Idaho Potato Soup Mix
Packaged in a printed cloth bag. This is better than homemade, and you just add water and it's ready in 20 minutes. Makes 6 Cups of Chunky, creamy rich potato soup.
$ 6.79 9 oz.

$73.33 9 oz. - Case of 12
You Save $ 8.15

Lost River Valley Seasoning Spice- It's a family secret!
Pauline Chaney, a resident of Mackay, Idaho since 1904, developed this unique blend of herbs and spices with her husband, Jack, to be used for the Mackay Barbecue, an annual town event that continues today. Now, you can join the town of Mackay in enjoying this special treat without the long trip!
$ 6.99 7.75 oz.

Lost River Valley Seasoning Spice- Rancho Deluxe
When Pauline decided to turn the ordinary into something special, she added hot Mexican chili pepper to cooking. Inspired by her flair for living, the "Rancho Deluxe" was created, blended with rich smoky hot, Chipotle Chiles. Out of stock!
$ 6.99 7.75 oz.

Pepper Fusion Red Pepper Soy Sauce - Original
Sweet n' Hot. Nicely spiced for stir fry, rice, steamed vegetables, marinade for steaks or chicken, great dip for pot stickers and egg rolls. Lisa's absolute favorite for Potstickers! Previously known as Bryana's
Reg Price $ 6.99 21 oz.
On Sale $ 6.29
You Save $ 0.70

On Sale!
$71.71 (Case of 12)
You Save $12.17

Pepper Fusion's Wasabi Soy Sauce
Wasabi just spices everything up in the way only wasabi can!
$ 6.99 21 oz.

Sun Valley Mulling & Baking Spice
This unique blend of spices makes the best Hot Spiced Cider, Wine, Tea or Coffee. Just the right thing on a cold winter evening. Also great for baking, or for french toast.
$ 4.99 6.75 oz.

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Pepper Fusion  Red Pepper Soy Sauce - Original
Pepper Fusion Red Pepper Soy Sauce - Original
On Sale $ 6.29