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Dorothy's Huckleberry Fruit Spread- Sugar Free
Made with apple juice concentrate, huckleberries, pectin, and citric acid. Concentrated flavor with homemade goodness.
$ 5.50 4.5 oz.

$59.40 4.5 oz. - Case of 12
You Save $ 6.60

$ 8.50 8.5 oz.

Dorothy's Huckleberry Jam
Dorothy's jam is slow cooked for maximum flavor, preserving the whole berries. Containing half the sugar found in regular jams it also makes a wonderful dessert topping, for ice cream or cheese cake.
$ 5.49 5.5 oz.

$59.29 5.5 oz. - Case of 12
You Save $ 6.59

$ 9.99 10 oz.

Dorothy's Huckleberry Sugar Free Syrup
100% Fruit Sweetened- No added sugar- All the goodness of the huckleberry captured in a bottle!
$ 9.89 8.5 oz.

$106.81 8.5 oz. - Case of 12
You Save $11.87

Dorothy's Huckleberry Tea
They start whole Black Tea leaves in a cloth tea bag, then they add an all natural huckleberry oil directly to the cloth bag, not to the tea leaves. This is done so as to not damage the tea leaves, this method of flavoring the tea results in smooth flavorful cup of tea. You will taste the difference!
$ 2.75 5 bags

$ 5.75 12 bags

Dorothy's Huckleberry White Chocolate Cocoa Mix
Each cup contains real wild huckleberry juice.
$ 1.79 1.5 oz.

$ 6.49 8 oz.

Dorothy's Wild Huckleberry Apple Jelly
Wild huckleberries and apple jelly. A great way to keep the doctor away!
$ 4.19 4.5 oz.

$ 5.99 8.5 oz.

Dorothy's Wild Huckleberry BBQ Sauce & Marinade
Wild huckleberries in a bar-b-que sauce and marinade. No Corn Syrup in this bottle! Sweetend by the huckleberries and just the right amount of brown sugar. Great on pork, chicken and beef!
$ 6.25 14 oz.

Dorothy's Wild Huckleberry Jelly
Had to fight the bears for these berries! Exceptional flavor and smoothness for easy spreading are trademarks of this deep purple jelly.
$ 3.19 2.4 oz.

$34.45 2.4 oz. - Case of 12
You Save $ 3.83

$ 5.29 4.5 oz.

$ 8.49 8.5 oz.